Advantages of Necenice fund hedging & methods

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Advantages of Necenice fund hedging:

  professional research teams carefully select hedge products, buying and selling at the same time, 

    averting risks for the investor.

  Multiple arbitrage opportunities occur and returns are risk free.

  Computer systems are used to automatically trade, returns are stable.

  Transactions are all closed on the same day to avoid tomorrow's uncertainty.

There are more than 30 investment strategies used by hedge funds. There are five main methods:

  Long-short equity which means buying and short selling stocks at the same time.

  Market neutral, i.e., Buy stocks with low share prices and high short selling share price at the same time.

  Arbitrage strategies, an example of which buy convertible bonds with a low price, and shorting the    

    shares at the same timeor vice versa.

 Global macro strategies - analyze the economic and financial system of various countries, according to 

    the broad political and economic outlooksand major trends.

  Managed futures, which means holding various derivative long- short equities.

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