Management team

The core of the management team has been working together for over 10 years and each individual has an extremely good understanding of their team members' strengths. For years, Martins Dzenitis has been searching for mathematicians and financial scientists to join his team to study and explore how to find the best risk-reducing methods in the market. Today, with science, technology and the popularity of the Internet, many investment products and platforms have become readily available. With it being easier to control investment operations, it has become easier when looking for suitable hedge products. Through many years of research and testing, the company has developed a patent system with more than 30 hedging methods and products.

Martins Dzenitis, the founder of the fund management team


Martins Dzenitis, Chief Executive Officer, graduated from Yale University with a double degree in Finance and Information Science. He has a deep understanding of economics, market cycles and macro investment themes, and started the Necenice Fund ManagementCompany in Latvia in 2005. In his free time, he enjoys music and tennis.