About us

Necenice Fund Management was established in 2012. The management team is made up of some outstanding talent from the finance, mathematics, science and technology industries. The average age of the team is 42 years old and is a cohesive team that is working together to deliver the best results for our clients.

Since its founding, the company has been committed to protect investors' capital and stable income, and has always provided unique insights for investors. With hands-on field research and value investment methods, we are able to actively capture the opportunity of rapid economic growth in the region. Our long-term investment record is remarkable in the industry.

With the company's unique investment strategy, rigorous fund management controls during market fluctuations, we have become highly recognized within the industry for providing excellent investment returns. Necenice Fund Management's core principle is based on the interests of our customers; Ensuring the security of investors' money, steady yields to come, we then expect to bring customers a higher return on investment.