Hedge funds (also known asinvestment funds) began in the USA in the 1950s, when some gifted mathematicians started to take advantage of the stock market inefficiencies, especially in the area of order clearing. However, there was no computer clearing technology at the time, so the idea of hedging was not as prevalent as it as it is today. Today, both individuals and institutions look to hedge funds as a way to reduce investment risk, which is currently the biggest underlying trend in financial markets. 

Hedge fund experts through many years of back testing and research, have foundcorrelations between certain securities, such as the concept of when A goes down in priceand B does the same, A will also increase in priceand B will follow. In this kind of circumstances, we can put both these securities into a hedge fund-byshorting Aand longing B. When we do this, we will find that we have significantly lowered the risk of financial loss, whether A or B goes up or down. This is the power of  hedging!

The main advantages of hedge funds: diversifying risk and stabilizing returns These advantages allow the product to become extremely flexible to structure gives them great potential to perform in the investing world. 

Through the use of derivatives and arbitraging technology, one of the most important things that hedge funds employ is short sellingCwhich is to sell assets that are not held and expect to repurchase them at a lower price. This enhances the potential for hedge funds to gain revenue in abear market, bull market and volatile markets. Due to hedge funds having a low correlation with stocks or bonds, hedge funds tend to be used for asset allocation to enhance the performance of traditional portfolios.

Necenice Hedge Fund

Advantages of Necenice fund hedging:

professional research teams carefully select hedge products, buying and selling at the same time, averting risks for the investor.

Multiple arbitrage opportunities occur and returns are risk free.

Computer systems are used to automatically trade, returns are stable.

Transactions are all closed on the same day to avoid tomorrow's uncertainty.

There are more than 30 investment strategies used by hedge funds. There are five main methods

Long-short equity which means buying and short selling stocks at the same time.

Market neutral, i.e., Buy stocks with low share prices and high short selling share price at the same time.

Arbitrage strategies, an example of which buy convertible bonds with a low price, and shorting the shares at the same timeor vice versa.

Global macro strategies-analyze the economic and financial system of various countries, according to the broad political and economic outlooksand major trends.

Managed futures, which means holding various derivative long-short equities.

Case 1

Hang Seng index VS China Enterprises Index

Hang Seng index vs China Enterprises Index The correlation between both indexes has reached 86% in the last 10 years, both are fundamentally in line with each other. From October 2007 to Dec MORE

Case 2

Gold vs US Dollar

Case 2 : Gold vs US DollarAnother hedge arbitrage method is to utilize two competing products, completing their hedge by purchasing into their rise or fall. By monitoring their data fluctuations, when MORE

Regulatory mechanism

All capital flows, sales and operations of the Necenice Fund Management Company are overseen by top government regulators in the Europe, and customers are able to choose from a selection of hedge funds offered by the company. Investment monies are capital guaranteed and secured against massive losses. You can be assured that your wealth is set to grow together with us the day you join us as an investor.